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Common Ground?

A few hours after moving into our overly spacious bed room; I'd almost regretted my whole comment about Wes not being adventureous, He'd been that and then some. I swear the things that man can do with his mouth.. I'm not sure if it should be outlawed or insured. I laid in bed contently wrapped up in his strong arms. For the first time in the last few months it felt like we hadn't been constantly at each other's throats. I lifted my head up off his chest enough so I could look at him. "Do you really have to go in the morning?" It was moments like this that made my earlier thoughts harder and harder to ignore.

I shifted some more so I was sitting up a little. "I mean I know it's your job and everything, but do you have to go everytime Leo or one of the others calls?" It was begining to seem like we'd never left Los Angeles the way he just kept running off to help out Leo or one of his other contacts. I sighed. "Besides I'm sick of staying up half the night wondering if you're okay or if you're lying in a ditch somewhere. And what if we have kids what Am I supposed to tell them when daddy goes off to fight some demon?" Oh god listen to me I sound like I'm already married to him. Well my mother always did say to marry well.. No we're not thinking about this. No children, and I'm not marrying him. God I need a drink, I'm sure I'll blame all this rambling to him on lack of sleep later. Now though there's no avoding it or playing stupid, although I can sure as hell try.

I started to get out of bed. "You know what nevermind, I'm just going to go take a shower.."


We'd been in Italy for a month. Like usual Angel and the gang was able to defeat The Beast...with the help of Faith of all people. I was shocked when that news surfaced. After everything they'd gone to jail and asked for her help. So after a "peaceful"  two years in confinement Faith the Vampire Slayer was back on the scene. Then after that she'd gone to Sunnydale to help Buffy defeat The First. Two seemingly impossible situations ended with the good guys winning and saving the world like always. I had nothing to do with either final battle and it stung a bit. Sometimes I'd crave the violence so I'd go out and find some vampire nest to take out my aggression. It made for a healthy release when I was hurt or stressed by Lilah.
She was very independent to the point I barely knew whether she was coming or going. She'd found a job as a personal attorney for Italians with so much money they had no idea what to do with it. Consultations, lawsuits, anything her clients needed she was there....no matter what. At first I'd become jealous of her job because it'd take her away from me for hours of our lives but I'm slowly getting used to it. I no longer get depressed when I come home to an empty bed, it doesn't bother me that Cecilia is my companion in the ocean view mansion we live in. I'd come to care for the older Spaniard. She'd take care of our every need and still Lilah felt the need to complain. 
Sex had changed...it was like we were still in LA those first few times. It was rough, angry, cold. Sex was a physical release to whatever Lilah was going through. The only reason I figured she hadn't cheated was because I said that was the one thing I might kill for. She respected my wishes out of fear rather than love or loyalty. She was making money, buying pretty things, and living a glamorous livestyle. I felt like arm candy to show off to her collegues and friends. I'd thought about marriage heavily for the first two weeks we'd been on the road running from LA but I quickly dismissed it. There was no way Lilah would completely commit.

The Truth can be a bitch..

"Is he alive?"

I looked Wes in the eyes as he asked if dear old Walter was alive. "No he's dead." There used to be a time when the cold finality to my voice would have scared me, but not anymore.

"He called the day I made Junior Partner. He was drunk started complaining how he'd gotten his power of attorney over my mother taken away. Said he had to see me; at first I told him no, but I ended up at home two hours later. Holland stopped in my office just before I left, he had heard about Walter and wanted to make sure I really wanted to go back home. I told him I'd be fine, that Walter couldn't touch me."

I sighed, but kept looking directly at Wes as he pulled into the parking lot for the rest home. "Walter was a mess and pissed that I'd taken the little power he had left over my mother away. He couldn’t deal with the fact that I wasn’t the scared little girl, who used to try and get away from him or just tried to stay out of his way. Walter tried to tell me that my making it as far as I had in the firm didn’t mean a damn thing that I wasn’t worth a thing to them. I told him he didn’t know what he was talking about, and that he could forget ever getting power of attorney back, that just pissed him off more. So he started walking towards me swearing up and down that I was going to pay for taking away what was his.” I sighed again. I still remembered that night like it was yesterday. It was the first time I’d been home since college.

“I waited until he got just a few feet in front of me, then told him exactly what I knew he wouldn’t want to hear. Told him he was a pathetic excuse for a man. This only made him angrier. He started laughing and claiming he was a better man than my father ever was that he treated my mother better than my father. By then I’d had enough and told him that my father was twice the man than he’d ever be. Then I shot him twice, lit a match and walked out.” I’d walked over to my car and leaned against it, as I watched the house go up in flames. The fire had been kind of pretty and had the whole town talking for over a month. Everyone had a theory about what had happened to poor old Walter. I’d left before our small town police force and fire department had showed up.

” The official police report was that it was suicide. They all thought that he’d just gotten drunk and was missing my mother or whatever and had fallen asleep with the heater on. No one ever looked into it, the house was a pile of burned charred pieces and Walter was nearly ash. Most of the town was happy to be rid of him...” So really I’d done the town and the world a favor. And if I had the chance to do it over I’d do it the same way. “Once I got back to LA I went back to life as normal. Holland stopped by to see how everything went with Walter. I told him it went fine and that Walter wouldn’t be a problem anymore. He smiled said great and walked out of my office.” After my long and probably slightly disturbing story I got out of the car and headed up to the Shadywoods rest home. I didn’t wait for Wes because I knew he’d probably need some time to think about everything I’d just told him. I made it into the lobby and asked to see my mother; the nurse at the desk smiled and gave me her room number.

Waiting On The World To End

When I opened my eyes hours later it was still dim outside. Not completely dark but one could see the darkness spreading. I quickly wondered about Buffy and how her battle in Sunnydale was going. My thoughts went back to L.A. and the four people that once consisted of my small family. I hated them for alienating me but laying in bed, content as could be I wondered how they were...if they were even alive. I looked over at Lilah to see her still fast asleep.  I kissed her forehead before sliding out of bed. Rummaging through my clothes I pulled on clean boxers, pants, and a shirt. Touching my face I regretted forgetting my razor. I pulled out my phone and didn't bother to put on my shoes as I walked outside.
Staring at the sky I sighed. After everything I'd been taught...evil was going to win. It was attacking on two fronts. I briefly pictured some team of friends in Asia doing the same thing, or maybe in Africa. There was no way the whole weight of the world were on our shoulders. With a sigh I dialed a number I'd almost forgot.
After a few rings I heard the voice of the one woman who loved me no matter what.
"Good day mother."

New Begining?

It hadn't taken me long to find us a decent motel to stay the night at, I pulled into the first one we came across. After checking in I grabbed my things and tossed Wesley the keys to the room. Once we were inside I went to go change out of my clothes and into something more comfortable. I got into bed and turned the light on my side of the bed out. It wasn't long before I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to total darkness.I wasn't sure how, but I just knew it was morning despite the darkness that was outside. I rolled over and saw that Wes was still sleeping. He looked kinda cute when he slept. I thought about just turning over and going back to sleep, but I knew we had to get moving. Sighing I got out of bed being careful not to wake Wes. I walked into the bathroom and showered and changed. When I came out I sat down at the small table and started looking through my black berry at my list of contacts and people who still owed me favors. Most of them as far as I knew were still alive. as I pushed the blackberry onto the table more my pen rolled off the table. I bent down to pick it up, poping a few stitches. I could feel them tear open. Great I slowly stood back up and pulled the hem of my top up, to find the damn wound was bleeding again. I looked around for the first aid kit, that I was pretty sure we'd brought in with us. In my search for the damn first aid kit I managed to nearly trip over Wesley's fucking shot gun. "Damn it Wesley.." I hissed as pain started to shoot through my side.

Running Never Felt So Good...

As we sped towards the city limit I could feel my foot getting heavier, pushing the pedal harder, I was eager to get out of the burning place. I was ready to move on. I originally wanted to stay to prove myself to them. To show my once allies that I was still that person they'd met years ago. But I wasn't going to die for them. I refused to shed my blood for a purposeless cause. Lilah appealed to my original watcher training, get out alive for the information to survive. I just wanted a quiet life; small town, Lilah as my wife, a few kids, and a property. Passing the 'You're Leaving Los Angeles' sign I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

The thought of a new beginning was warming. I felt a slow grin spread across my face as I looked over at Lilah. She looked exhausted, barely holding on to wakeness but she was the most beautiful thing to me. The man I used to be would have fallen for Fred...
But I was no longer than man.

Linning up for the Grand Illusion....

I woke up a few hours later feeling more rested than I had in the last few days. I looked at my watch and noticed it was a little after eight in the evening. I gently shook Wes's shoulder. "Wes get up if we're going to my place we need to get a move on." He made some undistinguishable growl at me. I sighed and tried again this time shaking him a little harder. Once I finally managed to get him up I did a quick check of the hall to find it empty. I headed out of the room and down the hall pausing every so often to make sure that Wesley was still with me.

We made it out of the hotel without any problems. I looked around at the deserted streets. There were a few people still running around, but not as many as before when the sky rained fire. I looked around for Wesley's car. As I looked around I noticed all the abandoned cars just lying around, open for the taking. There were a few pieces of debris lying all over some parts of the main street by the hotel. I sighed and turned back to Wes, who was standing by the gate just a few feet away from me. "Where's your car? If it's not here we could always steal one, god knows there’s plenty to choose from." I smirked at that, as I wondered if Wes even knew how to hotwire a car.

Too Bad Heroism Comes At A Physical Cost

We got our asses handed to us...and not nicely might I add. It was a beating worthy of kings. As we ran for safety we couldn't utter any words. Sure we hadn't taken it down but it was a good fight.  We still had our chemistry from before. I shocked Angel and Gunn..I don't know why...not like I could've gotten soft in any way. Gunn's arm was scarred up, Angel was wearing a gaping hole in his chest and I was sporting a head wound that wouldn't stop bleeding and a hand with broken fingers. We could barely breath and walk but we still had it. The gusto that made us the fighters of the good was still eminating from us. I was proud to call myself one of them despite the fact they'd never accept me or Lilah. That brought a smile to my face, I would get to see her to say those words again. It felt so right, so natural to tell her how I truely felt. 

When we got to the hotel I was the first out the car, limping as fast as I could with my swollen knee cap.  I made my way inside and straight up the stairs ignoring the searing pain that shot up my leg.  I swung the door open with the widest grin the world had ever seen.

"Wesley Wyndom-Price a-always k-keeps his w-word.", I huffed before falling to my knees in exhaustion.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The last thing I remember is being left for dead in a fucking sewer. Yeah that's right Wesley just turned and walked away. Guess he thought I could take care of myself. Any other time I'd agree with that thought process,this time though even I know it was possibly the stupidest move he's ever made. Well aside from dumping me in the first place,that's still at the top of the list of his stupidest moves. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around carefully. I noticed I wasn't in the sewers anymore. I was in fact laying on a comfortable bed. the pain in my side was less agonizing, and I wasn't bleeding to death anymore. I vaugely have a recollection of Wes coming back for me. Which must've really happened, I looked over to the corner of the room and saw Wes sitting in a chair watching me.

I remember that I'd almost slipped up back in the sewers and told him I loved him.Then thinking better of it and telling him about Connor instead. I'd almost slipped up back in the sewers and told him I loved him.I vaugely have a recollection of Wes coming back for me. Which must've really happened I stared back at him not sure what say. I do feel a little better though. I just wish I knew where we're supposed to go from here now. I mean he drew a line in the sand ,he chose his side and I wasn't on it,but then he had to go and play the knight in shinning armor card. He saved me from the beast and he came back for me in the sewers, when he could have just left me to die both times. That has to count for something right?

I looked over at him again and gave him a wang smile. "Hey.."

(Open to Wesley)