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New places old Friends..

I'd been sitting in my spacious corner office, reading over the latest stocks. I sighed as I put the paper down and looked around my stunning office. I was bored out of my mind. I spun in my chair and looked out at the city below me. Now dot get me wrong I love Manhattan, but something was missing in my life lately. Sure I owned at least three advertisement firms, and had everything in life a girl could want. I turned back around in my chair, when my eyes fell on the only photo that graced my desk. It was a photo of myself and my only real best friend, Lilah Morgan. As I looked at the photo of the two of us that was taken the day we graduated college, I decided it was high time I paid my best gal pal a visit.

I quickly brought up Google on my computer and searched for plane tickets for fast flights to Los Angeles. Once I'd booked my flight I gathered up what was left of my paperwork, and headed out of my office. As I passed my assistant’s desk I spoke over my shoulder. "I'm going out of town for a few days hold my calls and reassign my projects." With that I left the building. I rushed home and packed everything I could possibly want to bring with me. Once I finished packing I left my apartment and took a cab to the airport.

Several hours and one boring in flight movie later I was in Los Angeles, "The City of Angels." I grabbed my luggage, looked up Lilah in the directory. I then hailed a cab and gave them her address. Luckily for me she was still going by Morgan after all these years. I hadn't talked to her since we graduated, but I'd followed her well dissevered law career. She had hit it big, just like she had always said she would. Not that I ever doubted her for a second. I knew from the moment she said she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and become a lawyer, that she'd make it, after all like me Lilah was a born survivor. I smiled to myself as the cab pulled up in front of a stylish looking suburban house. I just hope that she's home, we have so much to catch up on.

((Open to Wes and Lilah))

It's Not Luck....We Belong Together

The next few weeks were like heaven. Lilah and I began to talk alot more. Occasionly Sam would scrunch up her face in disgust when I'd chase Lilah around to grab her in a kiss. It was like we were newlyweds again. I'd begun to work from home, allowing Leo to take care of the day to day situations. I did the research needed but home was my base. Lilah and Sam expressed their liking of me being home more often. Every weekend we found something to do so we could spend time as a family together. Business at my office had picked up, Sam's grades improved, and Lilah's firm was doing wonderous. The main thing on my mind...was Damien Kent. Knowing something bad was coming didn't worry me...not finding any information on the guy did.

I Always Get Lucky With You

I'd finished my dinner with Damien and was on my way home, The traffic home was better. I had the radio on full blast and the windowsrolled all the way down. Half way home I realized that Sam had played with the radio last, because it was currently playing George Jone's I Always Get Lucky With You I smiled a little as I listened to it and pulled into the garage. I grabbed my coat and purse, then got out of the car. I looked around to see that Wes's car was her, but Roger's car was missing. I closed the garage and walked into the house. I looked around noticing that most of the rooms in the house were dark. I walked into the livingroom/dinning room and looked around. It looked amazing. There was dinner on the table and my favorite wine chilling in an ice bucket,the song Wes and I had danced to at our wedding. It was so perfect I could've cried. I headed for the stairs just as Wes started to come down them. "What is all of this?" I asked guesturing around the room with an arm.

Learning Control

Sam was twelve and had been controlling her powers better than I expected. Monthly visits with trusted ex-council sorceresses did her good. She could get away for a weekend and be around those who truly understood what she was going through. Lilah and I had become a bit distant, we both worked alot and Sam's magick training was emotionally draining. We were still sleeping in the same bed and she never smelled of someone's cologne so I didn't worry. I'd taught Sam small spells for protection. I knew the dreaded thirteeth year was coming and that would encase hell. At thirteen those who have magicks get a bit of a boost. Then at eighteen their powers full develop. Considering how strong Sam was already I was a bit worried at what her upcoming birthday, specifically a week away, would bring.

Unexpected things...

It's been about three years now since Samantha came into this world, and she was a very active child.Since Sam's birth I'd switched from working at the office to working from home to watch her and spend more time with her. And Wesley finally won me over and got me to marry him, plus he had great taste in jewlery. For the most part I loved being married to him, although there were days where we'd fight over little things, such as Wes complaining that I could be way too high maintence, and me complaining that he didn't spend enough time at home.

Roger had eventually moved out of the house, but still visits enough that he makes Wes complain that he never really moved out. Speaking of Wes he spoils Sam like crazy and she has him wrapped around her little finger. She's his little princess, it's amusing to watch her play with him. She's getting so big and she's a very curious little girl, she's always asking Wes what things he's working on, and she reads all the time. I get to tease Wes endlessly about that. I'm always telling him she gets the 'big book love' from him and her fashion sense from me.

It was just another Tuesday morning at Casa MorganPryce, I was in the study I shared as an office with Wes, doing some paperwork. Sam was in her bedroom playing with her dolls. I'd been busy with work for the last hour. Sam walked into the study just as I finished off a case file. "Mommy can you come play with me?" I smiled at her. "In a few minutes sweety I'm almost done with this." Sam pouted and held up her barbie."But I wanna play Barbies" I sighed. "Not now Sam" Next thing I know the Barbie that had been placed on the desk went flying into the wall behind me just missing my head. I looked up at her, then down at the now headless doll that lay on the floor by my chair. "Sam.. what did.." I couldn't even form a real sentence. I picked up the phone and dialed Wesley's cell.


Samantha Elizabeth Wyndam-Price Morgan was a month old and I was going crazy. Father to be was alot easier than being an actual Father; late night crying, smelly diapers, and a mother of my child who still didn't want to call our parents. I felt horrible every day I played with Sammy because I would think of my mother and how excited she'd be. Last time we'd talked I was running away from an apocalypse. Lilah and I's bundle of joy was truely spoiled. On the farthest wall was a ceiling to floor bookshelf with every book to help infant brain development. Lilah usually read her those while I would sneak her into my office to show her different demons. Lilah and I would take her to the beach or the park for some quality family time. Life was perfect until someone from my past showed up on our doorstep. When I saw her I couldn't speak.
'Nice to see you too Wesley.', hearing her speak forced me to realize she in fact was real.
"Hello Winifred."

It's Time..

It'd been nine months since I'd gotten the news that I was pregnant. Since then I'd slowly learned to deal with all the changes, as had Wes and Roger. For the last few weeks I'd been having bracstion hicks contractions, which were a bitch, but nothing compared to the real I was assured by several of the women in my birthing class that had already had a child. Wesley'd stopped doing research on the firm every night. instead he kept busy helping Roger finish the nursery, and constantly hovering around me making sure I was ok. A few times he'd been hovering I'd told him to stop it was annoying. It was three in the morning and I lay in bed staring at the celing unable to sleep. I tried to find a comfortable spot to sleep in, when I felt a sharp pain run through my body. "Wes.." I tried shaking him awake as another jolt of pain ripped it's way through me. "Wes.. wake up" e didn't even move I sighed deeply, trying to slowly breathe, then I felt it my water broke. "Wesley" I turned the light on, and tried not to panic at the fact that I couldn't seem to get him to wake up.

Research, Research, and more Research

Being up for 96 hours can put anyone in a bad mood but I had no time for emotion. I wasn't Wesley...I was a machine, obsorbing every drop of information possible. After not sleeping for four days I was a expert on Wolfram&Hart. I hadn't bathed, shaved, and I'd only eaten what was brought to me. I only left my chair to piss. I smelled like hell but my magicks was stronger and my knowledge on the evil firm was greater. I even called up contacts back in LA. The third day of my campaign we received Lilah's original contract. The damn thing was over 200 pages long and had over fifty signatures from Lilah. I was only on the seventy-third page and so far came up with nothing. I couldn't believe there was a magicks clause; if the employee was a warlock or sorceress of any kind by birth their powers were bound and controlled by the firm for anyway they saw fit. They'd even strip unknowing people of the birthrite magick. It came to the point where my eyesight was so blurry I didn't realize I'd fallen asleep until Lilah was shaking me awake.

Pregnant and not loving it..

It'd been at least four months of being pregnant now and I'd sent Wes out almost every night for some new food item that we didn't have. I could no longer find a comfortyable position in which to sleep. I spent most nights awake or kicking Wes in my sleep as I tried to get comfortable. Roger had decided to stay until after the baby was born. I was still going into the office despite Wes and Roger's worried phone calls every other hour and repeated requests to take it easy.

I'd spent the last week complaing about how nothing seemed to be fitting and that I looked like a loated whale. And the tinest things seemed to be setting me off lately. Like just last night Wes had said something about the office , or me not needing to work, I'm not really sure. All I remember is throwing the cordless phone at his head, then nearly screaming at him that I didn't want to talk about it. In between being pissed with him and Roger I've also been crying at random moments for no real reason. I'd managed to scare my office staff so much that I was forced to take earlier and extended maternity leave, just so they wouldn't have to deal with me. I came home from the office and my latest doctor's appointment. Roger was with Wes in the living room. "Can I kill Peiere?"


I wanted to do cartwheels around the room when Lilah divulged the information that she was most likely pregnant. She, on the other hand, looked like a deer caught in headlights. Like those young teenage girls that find out they're going to be mothers in months. I wasn't sure if it was the idea of having my child or having a child at all that had her speachless. Roger realized that it was a private moment and excused himself from the room. I had no idea what to say to Lilah so we sat in silence. Hours past and before I knew it we were in bed getting ready to sleep.
The next morning I awake to find the bed empty once again. Strolling into the bathroom I saw Lilah touching her stomach with a lost look in her eyes. Piere had called the night before and told me to bring her to his office in the morning. I cancelled her appointments and drove her to his hospital. Lilah hadn't said two words to me but I didn't take it personal. Soon as we got inside Piere's nurse had called Lilah in. I looked at her.
"Do you want me to come with or no?", I asked.